Class Descriptions:

Chair Yoga-

This class if for those who are unable to get up and down on the floor.  For seniors, or those who have restrictions.  We will work 30 minutes in a chair stretching and using blocks and straps.  Come and stretch those muscles!!

H.I.I.T It!-

This is a cardio class that works with your own body weight.  Think burpees, push ups, and other movements along with great music. 

Hot Yoga-

This is a power yoga class that is practiced in a room with a temperature of between 90-100 degrees.  Poses are held for a longer time to build strength, stamina, and endurance.  **Please note-we suggest not eating 2-3 hours before practicing yoga.  Also, those sensitive to heat, need be cautious.

Power Yoga-

Power Yoga is a yoga practice where poses are held for longer periods of time to develop strength, stamina, and flexibility.  All poses can be modified.  However, participants should have a basic yoga practice already established.  **Please note-we suggest not eating 2-3 hours before practicing yoga. 

Simple Stretch-

This class is for beginning yoga students, or for those who want only a gentle stretch. This will be an hour class that explains the benefits of basic yoga and stretching to help with flexibility, relaxation, and breath work. Come to stretch, relax, and leave feeling total bliss!

Vinyasa Power Hour-

Vinyasa is a practice that is designed with sequences to heat the body from the inside out.  Vinyasa links the body movement with the breath.  In this class the instructor will teach a continual flow consisting of sun salutations, twists and many more asanas to help students synch the body and breath.  It will calm the mind and body like never before. Vinyasa power hour is practiced at a faster rate than our power classes and moves more continually.  ** Please note-we suggest not eating 2-3 hours before practicing yoga. 

Yin Yoga-

Yin yoga is a great practice that focuses on yin tissues of the body such as connective tissues, fascia, muscles and ligaments deep inside the body. Unlike a yang practice which is more vigorous and stretches muscle, yin will benefit the connective tissues best with a slow, steady load, making them longer and leaner.  Poses are held anywhere from 3-7 minutes in a relaxed state.  Not only is yin perfect for restoring overworked muscles, but is is a fantastic practice for the mind as well.  Settling into specific poses that might pose difficult and relaxing into the pose is both a physical and mental challenge.

Yoga 101-

This class is designed as an introduction to a vinyasa flow type of yoga practice. Class is slower paced than an all-levels vinyasa flow, and focused on developing clear and safe alignments in foundational poses. This class is also recommended for anyone looking for a refresher course. Come learn, play and maybe break a sweat in a supportive environment. You do not need to be able to tough your toes; you just have to be willing to try!