Instead of three big meals, possibly try to eat every 2-3 hours.  Light, healthy snacks.  This sometimes helps with curbing the appetite!

ALSO, if you plateau with your fitness workouts, mix it up and try something new.  If you always run, try a yoga class, or a H.I.I.T class.  Many times, our bodies and muscles get used to familiar movements.  MIX IT UP!!!

After many workouts and a long week at work, it is recommended to have a rest day. There is no better way to rest than coming to YIN or Restorative yoga. Yin is for anyone, but great for athletes, especially for runners. Yin helps stretch people deeply and find their stopping point. It can be intense or make you sore after, but its benefits enhance flexibility. Restorative yoga is great for commuters! Having to drive to work everyday or being sore from working out is when YOU need yoga the most. Restorative yoga allows the body to completely relax and stills the mind. Many people feel as if they could fall asleep. 

Benefits of Yoga

Yoga allows the body to become more flexible over time with practice. In the beginning people may not be able to touch their toes, but with patients people can easily do many poses with time. Not only does it help flexibility, but it can add muscle strength. When having flexibility and strength together, there is a balance. This will be better than just lifting at a gym. Yoga also helps prevent joint breakdowns. By practicing yoga people go through the full range of motion, stopping arthritis. 

Yoga does not only help physically, but mentally as well. 

While practicing yoga people become more confident about themselves. "Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self, to the self." (The Bhagavad Gita) Practicing yoga causes people less anxiety and moves them to a more relaxed state. The deep breathing in yoga helps people do this. Once people are more centered and happy with themselves, they become that way with their partners, helping with romantic relationships. Not only does it help with partnership, but with close family and friends. 


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